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What did Turbo Say in Episode 6 on Netflix Daybreak.

As a major fan of the Netflix original series, Daybreak, I had to know what Turbo said in his super-long subtitled speech, because, OMG, how Hilarious was that? A raising of the arms and a 1,215-word statement rolls up the screen for a guy who mostly grunts to communicate — pure genius. Being the super …

Beauty Tips

How To Apply Makeup Without A Mirror!

It’s hard to do makeup as is, but imagine if you had no mirror! We’ve all been there, and later, when we see ourselves in the mirror; we’re not happy with the results. To prove makeup can be done without a reflective tool, we found one of Youtube’s best makeup artists to do exactly that! No Mirror …

DIY Holiday Tips

Make Last-Minute Halloween Costumes With Items You Already Have…


Oh, my! Halloween is here? Waaaaait a minute, last time I checked, it was still the middle of the month, right? EEEKKKK! SHREEEK! AND BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP! The night of fright has arrived!

If Halloween snuck up on you and said BOO! Yep! You got me. I have no time to sew a costume, not enough days left to order one by mail, so CRAP, I better get my ass in gear. You know?—-pull a rabbit out of my hat to create a cool costume for Halloween!

Instead of giving up, here’s an excellent video for all those last-minute’ers who still want to pull off a killer look for Halloween. It’s filled with 12 awesome costume ideas you can create with items that are literally lying around the house. A major plus is that their FREE, easy, and another chance to whip your creative-side back in action because seriously, you do you want to miss out on all the scary fun.

Time to get your Thrills-and-Chills on, and turn that one frightful night into an event you’ll never forget. ENJOY!