As the Halloween day/night draws near, I get in the mood for decorating. And when I search the web for inspiration, I run across some of the most creative people who “got-it-going-on” as I like to say… People who capture the seasonal-decor with a unique stylistic flair. Priscilla just happens to be one of those talented artists that shows us how simple it is to create great Halloween decor on a tight budget. And for most of us, don’t we appreciate that? I know I do.

In this amazing article, she uses a few expensive pieces, then adds several awesome dollar-tree finds to create a classy ambiance that embraces the Halloween spirit like a real pro. I hope you find her article and decorating style as inspirational as I did. Enjoy!!!

Beverley Miles


Ok, so I know that there are a million versions of how to make DIY Halloween decorations from the dollar store… this isn’t another one of those posts… so stay with me. It is however, my version of Halloween decorating, with things that I already own, bought at the thrift store, and even a few […]

via Making Your Halloween Dollar Holler — adorn by priscilla


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