Old Shoes Revamp’d Into Witchy Footwear…

Create your own Witch-Shoes out of an old or unused pair of shoes.

If you want to make something unique this Halloween, this is the “how-to” on transforming your old shoes into a chic pair of witchy-shoes. All you need is old or broken jewelry pieces, glitter, cardboard, ribbon or fabric, mod podge, and a little imagination.

  • Cut a piece of firm cardboard and tape to the front-bottom of the shoe to create a pointed edge. Then, Mod-Podge newspaper over the top and the rest of the shoe to create the dramatic effect. Allow 6-8 hours to dry properly.
  • Paint the shoes to the desired color, I chose black. Next, pencil out the pattern you want, paint, or mod-podge that pattern with your choice of fabric or ribbon.
  • Apply glitter in the places you desire by using more of your mod-podge glue.
  • I chose this pattern, but this idea can be applied to any colors you’d like. 
  • Now it’s time to apply the finishing touches. With a glue gun, add your old jewelry pieces, ribbon, hoop earrings, bat barrettes, and a couple decorative spiders. And don’t forget to check your local Dollar-Tree store for any cool craft pieces for those witchy-shoes. 


You can also spice up any Fall or Halloween wood signs with a just bow and a few fall decorations. Remember: A hot glue gun is always your friend.

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