Filming Your Family…. Why It’s Soooo Important.

“Capturing 4 seconds of personality is better than the perfect picture.” – MM

Our story

My daughter loves to film (anything and everything) –and since age 9, she’s made a lot of movies with her silly brothers and amazing (good-sport) cousins. So you can imagine how much film she has acquired over the years. We’re talking terabytes―

My husband and I try not to interfere with our children’s creative efforts. We give them pretty-much?―free reign, and when our youngest graduated from high school, this is how our daughter honored Bryce by bringing all those years/moments/memories/movies… together.

All that time – or specifically arranged clips – were turned into an hour and a half feature-length film in celebration of Bryce’s 18 years of life. We shared that wonderful evening with our family and friends at the Ross Ragland Theater with Maddy’s “Bryce-Movie” playing on the big screen. Later, Maddy separated her movie into sections so it could be viewed on youtube.

Since this is already a public video on youtube, I thought I would share it. By allowing people to see this, I hope others will realize how important it is to capture your children on film, because before you know it, they will be grown, and sadly, some move away.

If you take the time NOW to film your family (as is), you can capture those precious memories forever. Then, you’ll get another chance to see them grow up right before your eyes. And years later, when you look back on those images, they will become priceless.

Nothing else will ever be more valuable than watching your precious, “little ones” laughing, playing games, and being who they are, at that age, at that exact moment in time.

Something I tell my daughter all the time is… “Thank you, Maddy. Thank you so freaking much for having a passion for film.” Otherwise, with my failing memories, and my husbands Gliosarcoma stage 4 brain cancer, we wouldn’t have these great memories to revisit.

I hope this video will make you laugh as much as it did us. To me, this is just another accomplishment to add to Maddy’s ever-growing great-list.

I love you so much, Sweetheart. And again, THANK YOU for keeping that camera rolling!!!

 Beverley Miles

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