“Dream Guys” Why We Love ‘Em….

Men may think women are complicated, but in reality, most females only want to be seen, heard, appreciated, and yes, they need to feel loved. If you desire to take it up a notch and become a Dream Guy, here are a few tips on how to do that. Take a look…..

Say “I love you” for no reason

Surprise your woman by saying those three unique words when she’s not expecting it, like when she’s lounging in her sweats, no makeup on, and eating Cheetos. That “I Love You, will mean the world to her, and if you want to know her socks off, say something like “When the sun hit’s your hair, it glows.” Heart melt!!!

Buy her a silly present

Cheap gifts are not cool on Valentine’s Day, but buying a silly present on an off day, can change the game. Those cheesy stuffed bears or yummy gas station boxes of chocolates can turn you into that “hot guy,” especially if you say, “When I saw this at the store, I thought of you.” Sigh worthy!

Send her a mushy text or leave a note

Poems are great when confessing your never-ending love… but hey, if that’s not you, write a few scribbles on a sticky-note and slap it on the bathroom mirror on your way out. “Babe, when you look at yourself, see why I’m such a lucky man? XO.” You just entered Dream-Guy status.

You’re not afraid to post a couple’s picture on social media

I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a selfie stick and become an Instagram husband, but once in a while, it’s nice to see a man showing everyone he’s a proud, committed person. If you really want to raise your good-guy points, post something on your anniversary. That’s the creme de la creme of amazing or in other words; you’re totally awesome!!!

Breakfast in bed

There’s not a woman on this planet who doesn’t appreciate breakfast in bed. Even if it only happens twice a year, when you whip this out, you’ll be the envied treasure of all her friends. Hero!

Dinner out

On that crazy night when everything that could go wrong….does, and you come in all knight-in-shining-armor type, sweep her off her feet, and say “Leave it, honey. I’m taking you out.” Heaven!!!

Unexpected massage

Take off her shoes, massage those tired feet, and don’t expect anything in return. If you go with that approach, it will probably lead to something else, but it’s the unconditional gesture that earns those massive good-guy points.

Now… let your bad boy shine

All of this kindness is great, melts everyone’s heart and solidifies everything in your relationship, but in the bedroom, let your bad boy have his day and trust me…. your woman will love him just as much. “Giddy up, cowboy!”

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